Support not responding within 12 hours to a critical bug

Since Bubble made a release in the past couple of days, 2 of my client apps have broken responsiveness rendering them unusable and this has gone out to the live apps probably as part of our other functionality releases.

Reverting the apps back 5 iterations to January this year does not correct the break therefore it looks like this is a Bubble codebase change that has occurred.

These apps are worth $20k per client and it’s critical we get help asap. I alerted them at 6.20am New York time and still no response from Support at 7.30pm.

Not sure what I can do at this point. The apps are single page web applications that are partially converted to the new engine and looks like the codebase change affected how new engine reusable elements with repeating groups display within old engine parents.

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I don’t think @eve is not part of Bubble team anymore. You can try to tag @emmanuel or @josh and @Bubble team

I remember back in the day around mid 2000s when Emmanuel used to respond directly to issues in the forum himself :slight_smile: Trying to stay calm while I work out if anything I can do this end.

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I’ve been pretty disappointed with support’s response recently. Nothing major, but worth a response nonetheless. Not sure what’s happened from just a month ago or so.

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Interesting, on Monday, I sent an email to and got a response within an hour, or maybe less…

Maybe it’s this new escalation system they have internally? Because my original support associate said that they’re escalating my question then got back to me with an answer about an hour later

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Any updates about the issue, @cowontherun? Hope it was already resolved. That’s a really nerve-wracking position you are in

Not resolved as yet. I note it’s 3.31am in New York so it will be later on.

I’ve had to add an extra 2000px onto my page height to fake one app not being broken but this will break as soon as client adds more dynamic data to the app. I have left the demo app as is, so support can see the issue and meanwhile we have cancelled the demos scheduled to clients and investors. We also had an app copy scheduled for yesterday and have cancelled that even though client has paid us.

The ultimate solution on my end is to convert 2 apps completely to new responsive which I know will take about 2-3 weeks given I have only converted about 30% so far. I have no idea what has changed as the combination of old engine and new engine was working perfectly around 2 days ago so it’s frustrating.

Putting the page length hack in has given me some breathing space though so all I can do now is wait for Bubble to respond.

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Hope everything will work out on your end @cowontherun. Dealing with clients is hard enough, but with investors? That’s a different conversation. Glad you were able to at least make it “not look broken”

Please do update us if there’s any changes or response from @Bubble — we’ll try to help as much as we can as well :slight_smile:

Hello @cowontherun
Very sorry to hear of this behavior in your applications! It looks like our engineers did deploy a fix for this last night, and as of this morning you should have noticed your app behaving as expected. Please don’t hesitate to reach back out to our bug investigation team via the original email thread you sent if you are still experiencing any unexpected behavior.

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Thanks for your input @rachel.williamson on this critical bug. I’m surprised more people in the forum didn’t experience it.

I note the reason from Sam was ‘This was related to the launch of our new responsive engine’ and that the fix was rolled out to live apps.

Scary. I used to be a Test Analyst so I know how hard it can be to pick up edge case bugs but honestly, manual Test Coverage by eyes on apps might need some work…


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