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Application not responding

The bubble application itself and my bubble app which i built on bubble are not responding. This is very concerning, since I’m gearing up for launch as we speak.

Any updates on what’s going on here??

everything is down on our side also

All of my sites are down (dev and live), with an exception or two. Those that are an exception are probably cached, but they aren’t pulling any data. Data viewer is empty as well.
@emmanuel says there’s something funky going on

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It’s down – you can always check

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We’re looking into it.

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I’m experiencing unresponsive database issues across my apps as well, started at around 12:30pm PST.

Looks to be up and running again. If anything was done, thanks!

Had some connection problems 15-20 minutes ago. But now it is OK.

And it’s back…back down again that is

same here. was up, now down

Same here.

We’re experiencing some intermittent latency loading app data right now – seems to be unrelated from the earlier outage but I’m investigating

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@josh, doesn’t work for me, it gives a “502 Bad Gateway nginx” error screen…

It’s actually not hosted by us. Can you try cleaning your cookies and let us know if that works?

Morning @emmanuel (you must be having a late night at your side of the pond!)

I never changed anything at my end since posting 10 minutes ago, and it now opens the status page but says there was an error loading the data;

Then, cleared out all domain related cookies, and now it is fully works again. so either intermittent issue, or session related at my end.

EDIT: no its not…I clicked on the All Systems Operational link and get the bad gateway error again.

i quit my job to pursue my bubble app fulltime. it’s a very exciting time, however, the outages lately are very concerning. For example, today, the bubble builder and my live app itself are both operating very, very slowly.

@emmanuel is this going to be an ongoing issue? are you working on a solution?

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As we just answered by email, we need a specific thing to look at. Unfortunately “operating very, very slowly.” isn’t actionable for us.

In general though, we work on performance and reliability full-time.


In the last few hours I’ve had a lot of timeouts, the console had errors from ElasticSearch taking longer than 15 seconds … I’ll grab some of them to pass on next time it happens.

We’ve had a few customer complaints in the past couple of hours, too. We’re rolling out an update this week to change how we were doing some DB writes/reads, but we’re definitely seeing a spike in customer impact recently.