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I am stuck and could do with someone super clever to unstick me, please. I suspect I have just missed a step or two somewhere. Just FYI, I have made a few very simple apps using bubble but what I am trying to do feels a lot trickier and I keep bumping up against questions I can’t answer.

So, I am trying to recreate an existing app that was built by our previous developer on a different platform many years ago. He is no longer with the team and we do not have the resources (we are a small charity) to engage a developer again. Hence our decision to build this on bubble. We need to rebuild it because our customers require a level of customisation each time they use the app, for instance, some need it in Welsh as well as English, some want to be able to have unique identifiers on the results, and some want to be to brand it more fully. In order to continue providing the service and to grow the customer base, we need to do this revamp!

Anyway, I have created a simple app using a template and then customised it to an extent. The issue is:
Each account owner will have the opportunity - depending on their level of account the options may be different - to create a custom survey, picking from preset questions/domains and demographics.
I have created a “survey generator” page where people can pick the domains, and individual questions, and define the project name, URL etc. What I can’t seem to do within the workflow is to turn those choices into the actual survey page. I have watched videos on creating blogs with custom URL slugs and thought maybe I could modify that technique but it doesn’t quite work.
I thought about creating reusable elements to add to a new page and have that create a unique URL - that doesn’t seem possible.
I have created a new thing “survey page” but I am not sure how to translate their choices into a new page.
This needs to be replicable for lots of account owners, and for the survey URL to be accessible by anyone, with the results going into a dashboard. We have a scoring methodology I will need to sort out but that will have to wait for now. I need it to work first!

I am really hoping someone out there can please repoint me in the right direction!


There is a data type “survey page” and there is apage “survey generator” and you want this page to display every entry in “survey page” data type with unique url, Did I understand you?

Hi! That’s not quite it. I have made the app viewable so that might help it make more sense

There is a page called “survey generator”. This is where people will go to pick their survey parts to make up their custom version. This will then be saved as a unique url and “survey page”, which the admin access on the dashboard meaning they can view results. The url will be publically accessible though so that people can respond to the survey

Hope that makes more sense!

“new-survey-url” is the page that will disply the entry saved in the “survey page” data type table?

Yes that’s my thinking

you need to set the “type of content” of “new-survey-url” as a “survey page”, Then you will put a bottun somewhere that leads to this page, you have to use “go to page” action when clicking on that boutton, in this action dialog there is a “data to send” input, here you will set the entry that will be displayed in the “new-survey-url” page, this may be something like “current cell’s survey page” or “parents group’s survey page”.

so when the user click on the button he will navigate to “new-survey-url” page and will found a uniqe url because the url will contain the “unique id” of the entry.

That makes so much more sense. So if I make the module blocks “survey page” types, the data I send can be according to what they have selected and then saved to their account as a thing

Brilliant. Thank you!!!

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