Workflow to create webpage

I want to create a workflow that generates a distinct webpage from a template. Is that possible in bubble? I’ve been searching for how-to’s but haven’t found any.

Hi @mikekay01, welcome to the forum.

What do you mean by distinct webpage / template?

For example, you can design a page (a template) and then dynamically display the data you want on the webpage.

Thanks for the message. I want to build an app that lets users create a webpage. The user would edit content on the page and then publish it. The page would be unique to that users content and would be publicly viewable. Hope that explains it better.

There might be dozens of users, each creating a unique page (using a template).

Just create a generalized webpage and use slugs for the url. Allow users to design it how they want.

Thank you!

First, read up on how slugs are used. This will get you started.

Then, I’d just create like 5 layout templates, each not visible on page load and collapsible. Offer your users to choose a layout they like and they can edit that layout (uploading images in spots, and editing text). You can also create a conditional in the database for the users ‘page’ to be either ‘live’ or ‘dev’ in which case would dictate whether or not it’s visible to the outside world just yet.


If I read correctly, do you want to give access to the Bubble editor afterwards So they can create Workflows and completely manipulate the template? If this is the case, you will need a solution other than the one described above.

Not at all. Have you seen

Allows users to quickly create a webpage and edit it! Built on bubble and dope AF

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