Swagger not updating

I’m building out my app in Dropsource.
I’ve created a new Bubble data type.
I’ve published the app to live, but the new swagger file does not include my new data type as an obj/ available via Get. I created an endpoint that calls the new data type, but it seems as though workflows are only available via post. When I did that, the new data type was listed in the swagger definitions.

Thanks for your help.

Bubble api workflow endpoint can return data in the POST.
Why do you want to insist on using a GET?

I don’t insist. :slight_smile: I’m just a regular idiot trying to understand swagger to build an app that explodes into a mountain of cash. I appreciate your patience.


My thought, and this may be the problem, is that I could do far greater Bubble “load balancing” if I had Dropsource-specific workflows. I could easily sub-app that…maybe.