System Down & Status Page Reports Issue

Bubble is down for me and the status page is reporting an issue with the main cluster. As a reminder, people can check out the status page here:


Yep. Though these kinds of things ALWAYS suck, this one sucks more than usual as (1) it’s affecting my app and (2) I’d just pushed an awesome new update (finally!) to my live app and was feeling inspired to make some interface enhancements. Now I must wait for a happy “issues resolved” text from statuspage. :frowning:

Also, I had just upgraded to another unit of capacity. C’mon Bubble, I want to use my new capacity! :stuck_out_tongue:

(Oh and @dserber, +1 for reminding folks about!)

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Down for me too!

I get this error message when trying to load the version-test or live sites:

All your Bubbles are belong to us!



same here.

how do you guys do to let users know we’re going through maintenance? Rather than having them think our websites are broken. Is there a way to have a static page on CDN take over when bubble servers are down?

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Pray that they become aware of it telepathically. Just kidding. I’ve never thought of this question and I’m curious to hear solutions.

Here. I made a shirt for Bubblers!


It’s tempting to mark your post as solving this problem :laughing:

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And everything is back for me now.

See, I made the shirt and the main cluster issues soon resolved.


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