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T-Shirt designer platform?

Has anyone achieved to create a t-shirt designer platform? Even javascript integration is fine - I need to figure out a way for users to create div groups dynamically

Hi there,

For one of my own business apps I had a requirement to create a clone of Canva or other graphic designer. I hired a plugin developer to create a drag and drop graphics designer plugin for this. The JavaScript library used for this is fabric.js

There’s also a couple of such public plugins on Bubble. Have a look through the plugin section.

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Thanks for the quick response! Thanks for pointing me out to fabric.js - I see that there are a couple plugins that integrates that framework.

How do you feel about your current app running with the fabric.js framework? Can bubble handle it smoothly? Anything you’d like for it be improved?

Many thanks for your response!

Hey, sorry for the late reply.

Fabricjs is perfect for this use case and it runs very smoothly in my app. What’s important is how the plugin is constructed. At the end of the day Fabricjs is just a library and how you implement and integrate into Bubble will determine the performance of the product, and that’s up to the plugin developer.

My graphic designer works as smooth as any graphic designer built outside of Bubble :slight_smile:

Does it need to allow user to customize/move exact location of images uploaded or simply display different front/back/tag etc displays and image they upload?