Tab Order Broken for Inputs

I’ve been stressing myself out on this for the last hour or so, so I figure perhaps maybe one of you could have some better insight.


I have a popup with a bunch of input sections on it, which are all in a group top to bottom. Tab works just fine for 8/9 of the inputs to move to the next one in order.

The issue is after the 4th input the tab key will move the focus to the background (main page behind the pop-up) and will start scrolling through the available text options which I have given workflows for sorting a repeating group.

The caveat being, if I were to click into the 5th input box and tab down from there, I can start from the top again and it will work just fine. But if I reset the popup via workflow it will happen all over again.

Any clue guys!? I’m about to have to order a new keyboard and/or monitor here.

I have already tried:

** - Deleting the input and remaking it.**
** - Deleting the previous input and remaking it.**
** - Pulling the input out of the group, and pulling it back into the group.**
** - Creating an entirely new group with all of the inputs.**

Any input is greatly appreciated.

There are a lot of posts about tab order on the forums. Basically They all say it’s a pain in the butt. You need to group your inputs in a creative way to get them to work.

Your options for this type of question are to send screen shots, or unlock your editor so we can inspect. It’s hard to give suggestions without seeing it.

That being said, it’s workable, I promise!

Do you have special formatting on it? I.e. currency, thousand separator, phone number, email?

Inputs with special formatting are known for breaking the tab flow.


I did have a phone number special format in place, but then I redid the input with “Text (Numbers Only)” and it still did that. Is that also considered special formatting? If so I believe that’s the issue. I will just have to figure out how to work past it.

Yes, Text (number only) will create the same issue.

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