Tabbing between fields isn't working

Created a calculator with three input fields but once you add a value to the first field, tabbing doesn’t advance you to the next field.

I read about a dozen forum posts but nothing helpful yet. Any thoughts?

Here’s the app to test:

It looks like when you press the tab button multiple times it works. This is in line with a problem I am encountering with the input field where if you one input is focused and you want to focus another input you have to click that input twice. I think the best thing you can do is submit a bug report and hopefully the bubble team can find a solution for this problem.

The Tabbing in Bubble is not easy to understand. But you need to check how the field are grouped too

All of the fields (and the text above them) are part of the same group. Which I would imagine would be the best way to do it. If I split them out into separate groups, I feel like that wouldn’t work either.

Do you have a screenshot? Do you have workflow on a field change (on each field)?

The tabbing order seem to work fine when you don’t modify anything. So I guess that it’s related to workflow or something like that.

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