Auto select next field when push tab


I am new to Bubble but have already followed several courses in the last week and have also started building a first app. Now I have noticed that when I press my tab key it does not move to the correct field in the same group. The cursor also disappears completely after you press tab on your last field in the first group. But of course he has to continue with group 2.

The app i am building you can find here:

How can I solve this?

The tab function is hard to understand in Bubble but it’s a question of groups and field order. One way you can follow what will happen with tab is to check the Elements tree. Tab will go to first group and in the group will navigate to next field. Once it’s done, will go to next group. But if you have group inside of group, this will also affect the order of the field tab will reach.
You can find a few workaround in the forum here and I’m not sure but I think that a plugin also exist to help you. I didn’t test it.