Tabbing issue with thousand separator or using type currency

I have a form that tabs correctly unless I format the input as currency or select the Show thousands separator option.

With Show thousands separator selected the cursor simply disappears when I hit tab:

With Show thousands separator not selected the cursor tabs properly through to the next field:

I’m certain I’ve run into this before, just never did enough trouble shooting to figure out why it wasn’t tabbing through.

I really would prefer to have this input formatted as currency. Does anyone know of a fix for this?

Hi @eli

Yeah. Looks like a bug, please create a report.

A little workaround is here.

I hope it’s help :v:

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Thank you, I will create a bug report. I may adopt your work around in the interim. That is creative!

Thanks. But it creates another little issue :smiley:

Shift + Tab

Ha! True. Oh well, I guess my peeps will have to deal with monetary value being represented as a non separated decimal for a bit.

I’m sure they will survive such an injustice :laughing:

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I guess it’s a startship troopers sized bug because that’s been a problem for a lonnnnng time now.

I am legit becoming Matt Damon when he ages at the end of Saving Private Ryan as I wait for bubble to fix:

  1. Smooth Tab Input highlight selection regardless of currency, %, auto-binded to element’s thing, etc.
  2. Ability to vertically center elements based on browser height.

I love bubble though. Thanks for all the hard work guys!

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