Table element isn't displaying date

With the table being in beta, i do not think it effects the problem I’m having, I have provided some screenshots below.

In thinking i am configuring this wrong but could someone help

It seems that your table does not get anything to display from the server. That is probably an issue in the Data Source query, or a privacy rule related issue.

Can you show the table data source?

Check in debugger if search returns you anything.
Also, why do you add not empty on your second screenshot?

I am following along with this tutorial, I am going back through it again to see if i missed something.


Timecode 12:16

So in your case it will be Current row's Client's First Name without adding is not empty expression at the end.

For the table itself you need to define data source which will be Search for users.

I’ve tried this and it shows 1 row only of data, doesn’t show the rest of the m

How many users do you have in your DB?

It was 3 at the time of this posting. I was able to fix it, the privacy settings were not configured correctly