Table not showing more than 3 rows

This is my second app(first one works fine). I just added a table element and it only displays 3 rows of data despite having more rows in the database.

I also have noticed another bug when using a Searchbox. The “Field to search” only shows “slug” and no other fields.

Another problem I see is when scheduling an API on a list of things. The first task (create a thing) works fine and creates all things in the list, but the 2nd task (make changes to a thing based on the result of #1), does not fully execute. It will only handle 1 or sometimes 2 items from the list.

Is there a problem with the latest update?

It seems to me that the latest Bubble update is fine and the issues you are having might come from your app.

If you want to share more details about your issues, with screenshots and detailed scenario, that would help answering

@bonjour_17 thank you here are screenshots of my basic table. There are 7 teams and only 3 show up. I have fit to content checked.

Below also shows that “Slug” is the only option when I want to search for team names. The name field is an option set in the Team datatype.

I have given up on the schedule API on a list of things and changed my workflow to attack it a different way.


Click on row 1, you should see the settings for how many rows to display

beautiful, thank you. Do you have any insight on the searchbox slug problem?

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I don’t see anything wrong on your screenshot. What query are you doing, if you click on “Modify list of Teams”, what does it show?

I want the searchbox to search on the team name, but my only option is “Slug”

That should work. :thinking: :thinking:
I am unsure about this behavior.

Any chance you have duplicates data types both called “Team”, and one of them has no fields?

Well… even with an empty datatype you still should see at least several fields including the default ones like Modified date etc…

Thank you, yes it is strange. I do not have any duplicate data types or fields. I have even deleted the element and replaced it to see if that made a difference.

I think I figured it out. The team name is stored as an option set and the searchbox will only work with fields stored as text.