Nested list data appears empty when displayed?!?

For the life of me, I CANNOT figure out why my data is not showing, additionally it is showing empty when I inspect it with the debugger.


I have a Data Type with a field containing a list of dates inside of it.

(Availability -> Available Dates (List of Dates))

Availability also has a user associated with it

(Availability -> User)
(User -> Availability)

So they are tied together…

Now when I create a text and have its value set to “Current User’s Availability Available Dates:First Item” it is completely blank and I am going to throw something. What confuses me though is that when I inspect the element, it tells me that the value of the text is empty. Further inspecting the expression, it shows that it is selecting the appropriate Availability data type, but when I click Available Dates it shows empty, which I have quadruple checked that it is not.

I have tried searching for the data instead of going directly via Current User to the same result. I am completely stumped and I don’t know what is going on.

The last time I tried, I remade some data for both the User and the Availability data types and retied them together and when I loaded the page it showed the data briefly, and then it fucking disappeared.

Any help is GREATLY appreciated. Thank you.

Screenshots would help.

Screenshot 2020-02-14 16.04.57 Screenshot 2020-02-14 16.05.25
Screenshot 2020-02-14 16.07.51

Can you show a screenshot of the User Data Type? Does the User Data Type have the ‘Available’ as a list? Looks like your trying to reference the Availability of the user, but there aren’t any available dates added to the users ‘Available’ list of dates.

Definitely not the issue…


Can you put your app in public view mode and share link to editor?

Unfortunately no, I can’t do that.

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