Table joins in repeating groups

I have three tables 1) Clubs 2) Users 3) Club Members

Clubs is the master table detailing the club attributes such as location, size, etc.

Users is the table of all users registered on the site and has fields like user name, user email, location, Profile photo, etc.

Club Members are the users who have joined a club. One user can join more than one club. This table has the fields such as club name, user email id (also present in the users table). When the user clicks the ‘Join Club’ button, a record is created in this table. This table is like the transaction table while Users and Clubs are the master tables.

On my site, I wish that for a club on the current page I should see the names of all members in that club in a repeating group. I am able to do this and this is working fine. What I want is also the profile photo beside the name of club member. I am not able to figure out how to do this because the club member table does not have the profile photo of the user. The user table has the profile photo. How do I get the profile photo in the repeating group? Basically I have to link the user email
in the club members table with the user email in the users table and get the profile photo from there. Can anyone help?


Hi there, @mjaitly123… can you share a screenshot of the configuration of the Club Member data type? Are the fields in that data type linked to the Club and User data types or are they text fields? If it’s the latter, you are going to want to delete those fields and create new fields that are tied directly to the other data types. For example, if you have a member field with a field type of User, you will have easy access to fields in the User data type such as a user’s profile photo. Make sense?

Hope this helps.


Here are the fields

I did not see that a field type can also be set as another data type. I created one but still cannot figure it how to use them in the repeated group . As of now the pertinent fields in User and Club Members are as follows

User Name - Text
User Email - Text
Profile Photo - Image

Club Name - Text
User Email - Text
UserTTT - User type I created this field just now

Actually, now that I think about it, you shouldn’t need that new field because the creator of the thing in the Club Member data type is the person whose profile photo you are trying to display.

So, you should be able to add an image element to your repeating group, and the dynamic image for the element would be as follows… Current cell's Club Member's Creator's profile photo.

I did what you advised but it is not working. I tried for both profile photo and also user country but no results. My project is getting blocked because of this.

It looks like you are pretty new to Bubble, so I’m wondering if you are getting tripped up by the thing that trips up a lot of new folks, and that thing is the default privacy rule of This User is Current User on the User data type. With that rule in place, a user will only be able to see their own data in the app. So, check your privacy settings and if you see that rule, either remove it or modify it so it meets the needs of your app.

Hi thanks a lot. It is working now and that’s a big relief and new learning.

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