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Tagging/Atting/Mentioning Database Objects on User Front End

Hi, I’m looking for a way to allow my users to tag something from the database like the “@” on facebook & twitter, and the tagged text would then become a link for that thing.

For example:

  1. tagging a Colleague (user) in a project update input box;
  2. tagging a Client Contact’s name (person data type) in a quotation;
  3. tagging multiple objects - Companies (company data type), Contacts (person data type), Project (project data type) … in a task.

Any native function for that?
Or plugins?

Thanks in advance.

There are some plugins that will help you with nicely presenting the tags (just search - I’ve not used any so can’t really recommend anything in particular ).

I have a simple example here that might give you some ideas on how to approach the problem - simply attaching a list of tags to the Things you wish to tag - and maintaining a list of tags so you encourage tag re-use.

Tag formatting plugins like these:

Hi @linzlee

Did you find a way to tag users?

@akoziol I haven’t tried, putting this function at the bottom of my list rn