[New Plugin] Simple Mobile Camera Input

Hi! I have just released a new plugin to capture still images from your mobile device camera and upload them to your app.

This plugin makes it easy to grab a user photo without any complicated setting, just a single workflow action “Grab Image” and a single event “Mobile Camera image is ready”.

The plugin website with live demo can be found here:

While here you can find an example of how to use it:

Finally, you can find the plugin here:

Feel free to let me know how you would like to improve it by leaving a review or sending an email at riccardo.ancona@gmail.com


Here it is a demo GIF :slight_smile:

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Nice! This avoids the user pulling an image from the phone’s gallery and just takes him/her directly to the camera.

This will be super useful for my app. Will give it a try soon :+1:


Glad to hear it!
If you need some help, I am happy to give you a hand :slight_smile:


Thanks to @lutahara I’ve discovered that to use this plugin together with “Image Metadata” plugin you need to simply remove the “https:” part from the image_url property of my plugin before passing it to the Image Metadata’s API.

To do so, you can do in several ways, the way I use is by using the find & replace action on the image_url property:

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Hello Carlos. Did you try this plugin yet? I just tried it and found out that it can not prevent users from uploading their old images in the phone’s gallery…
Any idea about that? I really do not want my app’s users to upload their old images but only those immediately taken by them from Camera Input. Thanks

I actually never came around to use the plugin as I did not add that functionality to the app at the time.

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@riccardo.ancona et al;
Thanks for the plugin… one small ask. (If other’s know a work around please let me know).
Use Case
While the image is uploading from the phone to AWS we normally display a “wait” type icon that disappears once the upload is completed. We normally display this just before we access the phone (camera, upload, ect…) and since the camera or uploader displays; the wait is hidden until the focus is returned from the device back to the app. Then… once the upload is completed we hide the wait and carry on in the workflow via backend API.

This method works well with the cameral plugin except if the user cancels without taking a picture. In this case the “image ready” event never occurs – since there is no image? We believe adding another event that indicates an Error would resolve this. The error could indicate a cancel or a denied access, or any other relevant error and hence would only require the addition of one event. Alternative, this could be broken up?

Can you help?
Regards John

Or anyone else

I just installed the plugin and built my camera uploader. Great little plugin! Thanks

Ist there any way to implement the loading element that turns when upload is loading? Like you solved it on the plugin demo page @riccardo.ancona

Thanks for helping!

Btw: I know there’s many plugins for this. But if it’s not solvable by native bubble, what plugin is a good choice. I am searching always for simplicity and not too many options/less code.

And I would like to be able to put the loader on sertain elements and not the whole page

If anyone has an idea, happy for your advice

Hi, I want to know if there’s a possibility of take more that one photo in my app with this plugin ? thanks.