Taking Payments over the Phone - Stripe / Users with no email

I currently use the stripe payment plugin, but I also obtain payments from customers over the phone using a debit/credit card. Does anyone know how best to use this plugin when using it’s for these purposes?

At the moment, I have customers who don’t have e-mail addresses and have been setting them up with accounts using their telephone number as an e-mail address (i.e. 07939178266@no.mail), which does make me wonder how other bubble users deal with users/customers that have no e-mail. It’s important that I have all customers in one place, so those with e-mail addresses can login and pay online, etc…

Would it be best to create a new type such as a “Customer Database” with all their details and link to it the inbuilt user type - for those who can login?

If anyone can offer any advice, it would be very much appreciated.


I enter them directly into Stripe for the payment stuff. I will say, though, I’ve never had users that don’t have emails, so your mileage may vary.

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Yes, good idea via directly in stripe… but I would like to cut down on any double work, such as having to go back into my bubble app to update payment records. Just all from the one place, if that makes sense.

How are people using your app if they don’t have an email? This is intriguing to me!

I have some customers who call and book our services over the phone, and some who book online. All bookings (whether made over the phone/online) are recorded on our bubble app. It just makes it easier doing it all from the one place.

Oh, I see. So they aren’t interacting with the app itself, they’re interacting with a human is making the records in the app. I get it now.

The solution you’re currently doing is probably what I would have started with myself. Are you running into any limitations that makes you think a change is necessary?

Yes, that’s all correct. :slight_smile:

Well, what I didn’t anticipate was that some of those customers who normally use the phone, have also signed up online - leaving me with two different accounts for them. One I created using their phone number, and the other they signed up using their e-mail address with. Whereas, if I had set them up with a “Customer Database” type to begin with, I could have easily assigned that customer database type to bubble’s inbuilt user’s type.

I also have another problem approaching, where I need one customer account for a company, but several users who can login and make bookings on behalf of that company.

I think I am going to go down the lines of having a Customer Database type and I am sure I can still use their phone number as the email address when making a payment using the Stripe plugin, but something tells me this not really a good approach, as the e-mails are technically fake, and I don’t know how that would sit with Stripe if I do this for too long.

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