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Accepting payment over the phone?

How do you all take credit card payments over the phone? Some of my older clients don’t like or don’t trust the internet.

it seems all the actions in the stripe plugin charge “the current user”. I can change the email, and enter their credit card info, but it still saves the payment under me (and adds their credit card to my credit cards (in fact it makes their credit card my default payment next time I try to pay something)

There is one action that charges “a user using saved credit card information” This could work, but I don’t have their credit card info yet (and even if I did, they are calling me on the phone because they don’t trust the internet, the last thing I want to tell them is that our site has already saved their card info.

You can take payment via the Stripe admin access?

I guess so. But then it involved a lot of manual database editing after I take the payment.

I thought this would be a more common problem.

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Yes, it is an interesting one. How to do it in the simplest way, without storing the card details on your app…