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Hi everyone,

Feels like I’m posting in here everyday. But being new to this, I’m getting stuck easily.

Basically, clients that signs up to my portal with an active subscription, should be able to invite team members to “split” the subscription.

Everyone in the same team, should be able to create projects etc.

However, I’m trying to add new users to the same team as the “main” user. I tried to follow “Buildcamp” on YouTube on how to do this, but since I use single-pages, the process is a bit different.

So far I’ve added a Teams field in the User, but whenever I sign up, the field is blank. Really don’t know how to proceed.

Thanks alot.

Hi there, @brandboosters… it’s not clear what you mean by inviting team members, but if you use the Create an account for someone else workflow action, you could have the client create an account for each team member, and as part of creating an account, you can populate the user’s team field with the current user’s team (i.e., the client’s team).

Check out the Bubble quick tip video at the link above for more info… hope this helps.


Thanks Mike for your reply.

The main thing I want that my client (that signs up and pick a subscription) should be able to send invites per email to co-workers or VAs that also can access the dashboard.

Everyone in the same team should be able to view the current projects and create new ones.

I am pretty lost when it comes to the whole thing. I have a Team field but it’s empty and I don’t know how a user can be added to the team if the client in question isn’t even in a team? Confuses me…

Sorry, but I didn’t follow your reply. I assumed the “client” (whoever that is) has already signed up and has a team in their team field. At that point, you could do what I suggested in my initial reply. But again, I didn’t really follow your reply, and I don’t necessarily understand what you are trying to do.

I don’t really know how to explain haha, sorry.

Basically, when the client signs up in the first place, I want that client to be assigned to a team. But when I’m testing that, the team-field doesn’t get populated.

Basically I would want it like this:

Well, a client can’t magically be assigned to a team. How you are determining which team a client belongs to?

What part of the video are you struggling with?

Hmm yeah I know. I’ve added a data type to my User called Team which has “team” as field type. It’s where is gets confusing.

The video shows the team invitation on a page, but I have everything on one page. So I don’t know how to complete that with elements.

Honestly doesn’t even know what I’m taking about anymore…

It looks like that video starts with an assumption that someone who is already a user in the system is inviting new users to be part of their team. If you don’t know how you are going to get your “client” into the system and how they are going to create a team that they can invite other people to join, then you need to take a step back and figure that stuff out.

If you still haven’t figured it out, I can help you over a call. Message me on telegram at Ain’t pro bono, though. Cheers!


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