Tech Question About Images - What is "_gl" parameter?

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Google saves images at AWS, and shows a link with ?_gl=
What is “_gl”?
Cause it works without this parameter…
Tks !*13kbuve*_gcl_au*MTU3MTgzODA1OC4xNzAzNTU1NzA0*_ga*OTAxMDgxMzkxLjE3MDM1NTU3MDQ.*_ga_BFPVR2DEE2*MTcwNDUzMTg1OC41LjEuMTcwNTA2NjY2OS42MC4wLjA.

It looks like a tracking Google Analytics parameter

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Hi there, @augusto1… my understanding of that parameter (confirmed by a Google search to refresh my memory) is that it’s related to Google Analytics and cross-domain tracking.


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Tks Very Much !

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