Temp User Only To View Data


I have a RG that that a user can share that data (which is private) to another page to a temp user. I do not want users that are signed up to be able to view that data since it will share it will all other users in the previous RG. I created a new thing inside of the database. When that thing is not empty, the temp user (and only the temp user) can view that info on a new page. The problem is that I cannot get that functionality to work. Any suggestions?


Would someone on @staff be able to assist with this? I cannot find information anywhere.


Where are you getting stuck in the process? It seems like you are on the right path.

  1. Create a new thing (maybe even a new data type), and add a User field into it (the temp User would go here). Now you can set privacy rules to only allow that User to see that entry.
  2. In the workflow, you would create a new user account (set a temp password too)
  3. Give the temp user a link to some page to view the data (that page would ask for their email and temp pass)
  4. Make sure to kick off an API workflow to delete the thing + temp user account