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How to share "private data" externally


Is there a way to make ‘private data’ public for a limited amount of time? I am trying to share ‘private data’ via a link with external users. I’d like the temporary user to be able to view certain private data for a limited amount of time (maybe a week or so).

I do not want to make the data public indefinitely since I do not want different customers (users) of mine seeing each others prospects.

Any help would be much appreciated!

@placolla13 there’s no programmatic way to update the privacy rules. You’ll have to add your own mechanism for checking.

An idea that comes to mind is creating a special link with the unique ID of some Thing, and on page load use that to update the current user, some field that allows them to view the data. Then make your privacy rule grant access to the data based on that field.

This will work even for logged out users, because bubble supports temporary user sessions → Authenticating Users - Bubble Docs

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Thanks Kayami.

I can see that for granting access, which is great. Is there a way to delete that link after X amount of days? Doing so would allow temporary access to the data, which is ideal

@placolla13 ,
You can generate your app api key from setting tab.
Create new backend workflow to return the results. this can be accessable by your api key without any privacy rules.