Template and Plugin Suggestions for a Newbie

Hi Guys,
I wanted to build a new app and I don’t have any developing experience. I’m not too sure about whether I should build my app straight from scratch or use different templates and plugins. I have taken the starter courses and compiled a list of possible templates and plugins but before I start buying them I wanted to hear some opinions or advice on the following:

  1. Is there any cons in using several different templates on 1 app with Bubble? (ie. combining too many different templates could cause bugs or issues with working properly) Is there a way to get around it?
  2. Is there a plugin for adding an AI-survey feature? (ie. users can take a survey and receive customized results based on their answers) If not, is it possible for someone to build?


Great stuff going on.

Please consider the following:

Point 1

  • Templates cannot be combined. What can be done is to copy/paste elements from one app to another.
  • For young Bubblers many folks recommend to use templates as learning resources … not as a foundation for an app. Bubble is a visual programming language and templates are built with the individual choices and preferred approach of its author.
  • You being able to edit everything about their app (template) requires that you understand how the author approached the build on all fronts. And this would be a steep hill to climb for a young Bubbler.
  • I suggest to first get familiar with Bubble and to build one or two basic apps from scratch. Here a good playlist of official (short) videos on how to build your first app:

Point 2

Yes there are. Here an interesting set of ai / machine learning plugins by @redvivi . For more you can explore the Bubble plugins marketplace.

Best of luck with your project and have fun bringing it to fruition! :+1:


Thanks @cmarchan this was very helpful.

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