Template denied

“We are sending this email to let you know that your template has unfortunately been rejected by Bubble with the following reason.
Wrong description

Wrong description isn’t accurate.

Does anyone know how to dispute this?

The email did say

You can fix your template in the Application Editor and submit again.

But there is nothing to fix, because the description is 100% accurate. Also, I clicked the link “Application Editor” and have no idea where I can “fix your template”.

Pretty sure those emails are sent directly from [email protected]. I’d recommend responding there.

@neerja - I believe Bubble has started vetting templates that are listed for sale. Is that correct? If so, could you provide a bit more context on that process?

Mine was never for sale, so i assume they are vetting all submissions.

Good to know. Look forward to hearing from the Bubble team.

Correct, Bubble is reviewing templates for approval to maintain a great user experience. @gautch I saw your note to Support and will respond there.


Awesome! Thanks!