Template Hearty: Advance Tinder Clone with WhatsApp like Chat

Hi Guys,

We have just published the advance Tinder-like template, which includes WhatsApp like Chat (Grey/Bluetick mark indicators for read receipts and the current time is appended in message). Following are the key features:

WhatsApp likes Chat layout: User can see whether the message is read or not. It can be disabled in profile settings.

Notifications: The user can see the latest message notification on the top header in all the pages and can see the sender picture, name and message text in the notification. User can click the notification and can go directly to the chat room to reply. (Note: it can be further developed where user can even reply in the notification similar to Whatsapp.)

Unmatch: The user can unmatch the user.

Message Dashboard: It is a replica of Tinder where the user can see the newly matched user in horizontal scroll and conversation in a vertical scroll. In vertical scroll, the latest message will show at the top, and it can also indicate whether the current user or the match sends the message. It also has a search bar where the user can search the match names and text messages in only one search bar!

Profile: Everything is auto-bonded, even the user can upload a list of pictures, and it will automatically be saved.

Other features: Tinder-like animated notification “It’s a Match” is added, and the Blue colour indicator is added to highlight super like. User can even reply to the latest match on Tinder itself without navigating to the chat page.

It is mobile responsive, and I have also demonstrated this app template on YouTube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKRWz3kBfVI

It is priced at $169 for a Standard and $499 for a Developer license.
Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need further help in implementing the template.
You can buy this at Hearty-Advance Tinder/WA Clone Template | Bubble

Thank You!

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