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Hi all, I have a seasonal application that only needs to be live temporarily. Thus to save money, I pause my bubble subscription intermittently when inactive.

The issue is that people have the website domain name as it was previously publicized and when they search it during these intervals, they are redirected to a default bubble page. (eg as per photo: https://bubble.io/domain_not_supported?domain=www.sample.com).

Is there a cheap/free website builder/hosting that I can connect my custom domain to in those times just so I can display a simple landing page to let customers know the application is still around but inactive,
while doing so cost-effectively?


Hey! Biased, but sounds like realnice is exactly what you’re looking for (built on Bubble, btw)

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Just search ‘cheap website hosting’ and you’ll find something.

IMO vercel is top-grade for free solutions. You can host html, or an app very easily. Same for cloudflare pages.

Thanks! will check it out :slight_smile:

Thanks, Did have a look. Really looking for something as cheap and simple as possible as during the off season, it isn’t bringing in any income. Its more just to use as a place holder to redirect queries to an email.

Thanks, will have a look!

This app is so cool and the fact it was made on bubble is really eye opening and inspiring as to it’s capabilities!! It looks well above many things I’ve seen be made on the platform so far, so massive congrats!!

A few points of feedback.
The font appears different on the live view compared to the edit view.
Also I would love the ability to scale the image a little and use an image that isn’t circular.

Thanks @aaroncohn!!

@netanelm appreciate it! we’re definitely pushing the limits of Bubble on this one :wink:

re: the font size discrepancy, you caught a bug I accidentally introduced a couple days ago :man_facepalming: fixing for you now!

re: scaling the image and using one that isn’t circular, the way to do it is to hide the top image entirely (which you can do by tapping the hide icon next to it) and just putting all your images into the main editor. hope that helps.

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Thankyou! works great now. I very much look forward to seeing further updates.