Ten ideas for improving Bubble

Here’s a few suggestions for improving Bubble usability…

  • Visual-grouping for items in the workflow tab. (someone else mentioned it already), but also with the ability to shrink the group down to a single line with a custom name.

  • More color options for “events” in the workflow tab. Possibly a custom color-selector with swatches.

  • Being able to give “events” a “nickname/short-name” would make it easier to identify them. Have the option to use the default naming if “nickname” is left blank.

  • Search for “events”, temporarily hiding the events which have none of the search-strings within them.

  • IF-ELSE functionality built-in to an “event condition” would help the “workflow” page be less cluttered and make it easier to edit events when changes get made.

  • Align window “stripes” interactively (with guides) so they can line up with existing elements easier.

  • Add hover-over messages to “elements” so that some text can inform the end-user on what function the element serves.

  • Resize AND dock the properties panel.

  • Have audio events which instantly play a custom-selected sound when triggered.

  • A music player which can be interacted with through custom sliders and buttons including volume, mute, shuffle and repeat.

Having said those things - bubble is an awesome tool/service.



That’s great. Thanks a lot!

A few thoughts:

  • workflow ordering isn’t great yet, but unfortunately not an easy fix (beside adding more colors). However, you can already rename events, just click on the top bar in the Property Editor (as you do with elements).

  • You can search for events using the top bar dropdown, typing something. have you used it?

  • stripes should go away soon as we’re moving with responsive.

i’ll think about the other items and see how/whether/when we can do this.


Thanks Emmanuel.
I didn’t realize workflow items could be searched using that search bar. That’s great - I’ll be using that a lot.


How will going away from stripes affect existing sites with stripes?

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Second the hover feature. Perhaps it’s my shoddy design sense, but I have a feeling my users will be needing lots of guides to understand what I’m wanting them to do.


We already have “hover” as a condition.

You can change the text on hover.

Or you can make a group appear on hover…

What more would you need ?


It will be for new pages only, old sites will use the old system until you change the setting.

I guess what I need is to dig a little deeper into Bubble’s functionality. Wasn’t aware you could make a group appear on hover. Thanks!


Bubble is pretty complex now, so lots to dig into :slight_smile:

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@emmanuel … I know this is a “how long is a piece of string” question, but should I be making my UI as beautiful as possible and damn the sleepless nights, or just go for something “very nice” and put the time in to the responsive design when it comes along…

I am not sure how to answer that to be honest.


if it’s truly an easy fix, I’d love to have a few more workflow colors while we wait for the longer-term improvements…

and speaking of colors, would it be easy to allow for color transparency to be set by a %, rather than dragging the bar across the vertical strip? It’s been hard to keep design consistent across different element types, even if I try to make full use of “styles” and “copy formatting.”


Just added 2 colors!


Awesome emmanuel - thanks for adding more colors to the workflow page.

Nigel - how would I make a group appear on hover? (not the element associated with the conditional trigger)


@lonetour https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=3559529
Of course different fields might have different priorities, but it’s a good rule of thumb.

@georgeciobanu Bubble makes it possible¹, Google Material Design makes it beautiful². Cheating gets it faster.³

  1. As long as you find a cheap Russian student to build the data side. She’s amazing.
  2. As long as you don’t want to follow the GMD rules exactly. They’re finickity.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lESbn_HGh4Y. Play it loud.

We just added a way to have folders for your workflows, which will help having a more clear view of your workflows. It starts hidden, but when you click on the button next to the main tabs, it will reveal a folder list (that you’ll have to create).

You can add a folder from the list, or at the event level. When picking a folder, you can create a new one.


That. Is. Awesome!!

Really well done. Tucking it into that tab on the left like that, keeps things real simple. A very nice integration
This will definitely be a valuable feature for some apps down the road, including one I am working on!


Wow!!! You guys are legendary. :beer:
Thanks for getting on to this so quick.