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5 Improvements for (already awesome) Bubble

Hi Bubble-geniuses , here’s a couple of improvement requests:

  • Visual grouping of elements in the elements-list (below the elements search box), with the ability to drag items into a new collapsible visual-group.
    In one of my new websites, I’m going to have around 72 elements which are all basically the same except for the events triggers. Then I will have around another 40 or so elements which are different, so having the 72 collapsible would be great.

  • Elements able to be visually hidden from the design page, with a clickable show/hide icon (in the list I mentioned above).
    Also make each collapsible-group (mentioned above) able to be visually hidden, so all elements within that visual-group get hidden.
    This would make it a lot easier to find elements which are underneath everything else.
    (This is different to the “This element is visible on page load” checkbox)

  • In the workflow tab, have it so you can view items from multiple groups at the same time, while still being able to hide some groups.
    Currently we can only see either all workflows, or one group of workflows, at a time.

  • Make it so you can assign multiple workflow items to a group in one go. For example - click an event, then control-click some more events, then right-click and add them all to a group in one go.

  • Make the workflows dropdown list resizable(extendible), so that all workflows can be seen without having to scroll down.
    I often find myself scrolling up and down that list repeatedly, when debugging.
    Possibly even have the list able to span horizontally so we can ensure all items will fit in the list without scrolling.

Let me know if you guys can’t understand what I’m saying and I’ll re-word it.
I realize some of these requests could be hard to implement - I’m just throwing the ideas out there.

Cheers :grinning:.


Yeah, we start seeing apps with more and more elements, and we’ll work on this. It’s probably for mid-june though. Before that, I’d be happy to hear more ideas, and how specifically things would work.

What you’re saying is use the same hideable box on the left, but show all elements there? Right? And make them show/hide by a click?

Also when you want to drag elements from one container to one container, how would it work? Where do you position them in the box?

Anyway, the more ideas you guys have, the better, we’ll do a better job at solving that UX pain point.


Something I would like is to have the element editor to move to my second screen. Sometimes it get a bit in the way.

What is the element editor?

I might be calling it by the wrong name

Well you could already drag it no?

I can drag it but not to my extended (second screen) to get it totally out of the way.

I’d love to copy a condition, so I don’t need to create another all over again.

Another issue is that if you create many conditions, it comes to the bottom of the screen the menu gets cropped, it would be great to have some blank space so I can roll out from the bottom, or a “collapse option” for conditions to spare screen space.


Rather than messing up that box - I was thinking more about being able to show/hide elements from the following list… (Could have a show/hide icon where I put yellow dots)
But also being able to visually group/organize that list.


What I mean is - in the list in the picture I just uploaded, you could have visual grouping which enables you to visually organize the elements into a tree-like structure for easy organization on elements/workflows.

Neither of these two suggestions would have any effect on the actual live program, it’s purely for organizational purposes within the developer page.

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