"Terminate this workflow action with condition check" performance


Has anyone noticed that this workflow action when used with a condition check is stressing their app?

I’ve got this simple workflow to create a thing in the DB and i’ve set up the timer plugin(neat plugin Airdev Team :slight_smile: ) to measure times.

These are the results without the terminate workflow action.


And now I’m going to add a terminate workflow action with a condition that needs to be checked.

I’ve added step 5.

And these are now the results.


As you can see it adds 6 seconds to the run.

I’m opening a ticket also, but just wanted to check with you guys if you have noticed this.

Does it make a difference if the data in the only when condition is already loaded? Or if the condition doesn’t need to load data?

Yes I’ve found delays from the Terminate step.

It’s weird. I’ve tried recreating the scenario with other conditions and custom states checks and I’m not able to pinpoint when it happens. I just know that custom state checks it delays the operation. Doesn’t matter if the state is set or not.

Well, doesn’t it depend on what the condition being tested is? I use terminate steps in various (iterative) workflows to speed things up and they do speed things up in that context.

(Specific use case is doing complex lookups for nightly rates in a booking app. There are multiple types of rates, each with priority over some other rate. If a high priority rate is found, I stop looking further within that particular workflow to avoid performing needless conditional evaluations in later workflow steps. I found that terminating workflow rather than letting it continue resulted in performance improvement.)

The condition is

Floating Group A custom state is not “string”

Nothing fancy :slight_smile:

That’s why I think it’s a weird bug. It can’t be that a simple condition takes 6 seconds to verify.

I normally use them also and find them neat to improve performance so I’m not against them :slight_smile: Just found a weird bug for them.

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Yeah, that seems weird and could possibly be a bug. (I’m all for fixing anything that seems like a performance hit, for sure.) I’d definitely take the time to file a bug report on that if you have a good example case for the support team.

(You probably know this, but they are actually extremely effective in getting stuff like this resolved in cases where the reported behavior is actually a bug.)

P.S., by liking your comment, I am simply acknowledging this very interesting info. I’m not “liking” the fact that that very simple condition seems to be taking a long time to pass! :wink: )

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