How do you know when a bug has been fixed?

Does Bubble have an easily searchable database of bugs and resolutions? If not, how does one know if a problem that shows up in the forum has been resolved?

About a year ago, I reported a bug. Actually, I resurfaced a bug that had been reported a problem that had been reported at least three times.

This is the last I heard about it:

Never heard the outcome.

Here’s the beginning of that post:

Hey Lawrence!

The best way to track a bug is to email our team at [email protected] - this allows us to add your email to the list of users that are interested in updates. Definitely do so if you are still experiencing this behavior; a bug report with updated repro steps would also be useful for our team.

Hi, Eve.

I think it would be helpful to the community if Bubble support were more proactive and transparent about bugs. When there is a bug discussed in the forum, it would be helpful if Bubble support provided a clear reply when it has been resolved or acknowledged as not solvable. The bug I referred to was left with an open loop ten months ago that leaves me scratching my head about whether or not it’s been fixed. I don’t believe it’s up to a developer to try recreating a bug if Bubble support could simply state what happened, i.e. whether or not the bug was fixed. By the same token, it shouldn’t be up to the developer to “try” doing what has been buggy just to see if it will work now. Since my frame of reference is that there is a bug that required a clumsy workaround, I have no recourse except to continue using the workaround, assuming the bug still exists. But why?

Ultimately, bugs and their current status belong in a separate, searchable database where there is no ambiguity about when and how they were resolved or if and why they remain unresolved. Otherwise Bubble developers are spending time unnecessarily searching the forum, where lots of issues are just left hanging and many times multiple threads must be read in an attempt to make sense of things.

In the specific case of the terminate this workflow with condition bug, I am still using sloppy workflows because I have no way of knowing if it is no longer necessary except to invest more of my time trying various scenarios.

I certainly hope the Bubble community is growing and the company is successful, because I have a lot of my time and money riding on your success. But the growth and success of your developer community depends heavily on clear, accurate, unambiguous communication, and reliable search tools so your community can confidently find what they need to keep their heads in their development work rather than deciphering what’s in the forum and allowed by Bubble support to remain unclear.

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Hello @laurence,

Thanks for your feedback here; we certainly appreciate it! As Bubble grows and scales, we are continuing to evaluate the best ways to get information to our clients. Currently, the best source of info for our team’s deployments is our Releases page, and our team does send out emails to anyone that reported a bug once the bug is resolved.

We will certainly keep the community posted if and when we release additional features for tracking issues!

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