Test and Live Keys - API Connector

Hey y’all! How are you handling test keys and live keys in the api connector? Changing them every time when publishing? Thanks.

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when you calling the api use condition to call either the test or live api keys like so

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Where do you enter the live key on the call?

I just made two calls and created only when statements for dev and live

great… i didn’t realise you ment stripe when you ref API. im sure the stripe plugin from bubble automatically uses stripe test/dev when in edit mode… i read that somewhere…i think

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No worries, I like making the calls directly - for some reason I find it easier hehe

soooo…basically as you said we have to manually change the key from test to prod everytime we go live and revert back to test right after, right?

@natserrano When you want actual charges to go through absolutely! :+1: