Testing APIs in Postman

Maybe I’m going crazy after working for too long, but…

I thought I read an old thread where @NigelG or another legend recommended to test APIs in Postman first. Reason being if you mess up too many times in the API connector it will break.

Well, I’m at that point. What do I do now? Do I have to uninstall the Bubble API Connector or is there another solution? I have 11 APIs connected so hoping there is another alternative…


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No, just right-click the offending API and “duplicate”. Then use the new one.

All very annoying.


Thank you! Worked first try. So happy this is the solution. Thanks @NigelG !!

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I suppose you are referencing this:

Faced the same issue recently :rofl:

Brutal. Had me worried. Did not want to go back and redo all of them. Glad it’s a simple fix.