Testing Stripe transfer

Hello everyone.
I’ve implemented the Stripe Transfer functionality and I was wondering has anyone successfully used via Bubble and how did you test the transfer method?

Hey @brentparker76,

You’ll need to have a balance in your Stripe account in order to create a transfer, otherwise you’ll get an “insufficient funds error.” This is still true for the test environment of Stripe.

In test mode, you can create a few charges to increase the balance so that there’s “money” in there.

The transfer feature is for transferring from your platform account’s balance to a Connected Account’s balance. So, this requires you to have registered seller accounts as well.

Ideally the flow looks something like this:

  1. Buyer buys something on your app and money is sent to your platform account. This results in a charge record with a charge ID

  2. You create a transfer to send some or all of that money to a seller. You’d identify the seller account and related charge ID.

As long as your platform balance has enough to cover the transfer, you should be good to go. Disabling automatic payouts to your bank and “topping up” your balance from your bank can also help ensure you have enough to cover.

Hope this helps!


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Thanks @romanmg

I was able to “seed” my test account with funds to test out the Transfer functionality.

In regards to testing out another seller, I can’t seem to get around Stripes seller onboarding flow.

I am trying to setup a “test seller account”, so I can transfer funds that have been made from my account to theirs.

Stripe seems to want to setup a “live” seller account.

Hi @romanmg, hope all’s well, and for this contribution.

Do you know how this would be setup in a cart scenario where the user’s card is being charged for products from 3 different sellers. What’s the best way to instruct bubble to then disperse the funds to the sellers of the 3 different orders?

Below is meaty thread where I outline the scenario in more detail. Any help or guidance you can provide would be appreciated.