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Transfer to seller always failed

hi everyone, just need a little thing to make my payment works…

i use plugin stripe from bubble, when transfer to seller this always show, i dont know which set up in my dashboard stripe to change this order above, anyone please direct me.

thank you in advance

If you are trying to keep you Stripe balance to zero, then you may need to link your two transactions.

If someone pays you $100 and then you try to transfer $80 to a seller, Stripe will not “see” that $100 for a few days. That is what “linked transaction” is there for. It says “I can afford this $80 because I am getting $100 shortly”.

It can be a real pain however, and sometimes Stripe will prevent you from adding funds manually to get round this.

so, in test mode my stripe account balance is still zero even after the buyer pays to my platform? Is that why I can’t use the transfer to seller feature?

linked transaction u mean is direct charges?