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Text Conditional formatting - Background Style setting not working

Hi Everyone,

I’m trying to create a button toggle hack. I want the button to change state from unactivated/selected as you see here (white background) to selected with a red background and white text.

The problem is I think I found a bug in the text conditional formatting for the background style property. When I select ‘background style’, it provides a drop down to select from: none, flat, gradient and image. However when you select any of the options it does not expand the corresponding box to edit the property. I’ve got the workflow to work properly with the other property changes, except this one. Is any one else experiencing this problem? Or am I missing something?

Any ETA on the fix?


The following doesn’t show up for you in the dropdown, namely “Background color”?

Got it. I see it now! It was right there! It doesn’t appear directly under the dropdown. Thanks!

It doesn’t. I assume that the reason being is that it doesn’t flood you with all the options to keep it compact.

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