Text disappearing when selected

When a user double clicks to select text they have typed into an input field, the text disappears. It is still there it is just that the font color and background colour seem to be white and the page background is white. This happens even when I I do a Safe Preview. I’m using the standard input style but must have inadvertently changed something and I can’t find what it is. Anyone got any ideas how I change those colours so a user can see the text they have just selected?

Before typing anything

When typing

When text selected

Might be in the “Style” settings for the style used by that element.

Yes, but which setting? I can’t find any that seem to address when text is selected. In the conditionals these are the only selections

I’ve narrowed it down. It is a plugin that is causing this to happen. Now to find which one.

It is the Customisable Scrollbars plugin that is causing this. I will report it to the author.

Hey there @patricia

Just wanted to let you know that this issue has now been fixed, please update to the latest version and reload the editor.

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