Text disappears when max height

i want the text to end in “…” on the first line, but when i set a max height on the text element - read on forum thats fix - to get this, the text disappears

help please

Hi @cvnfortnite :wave:

The reason of this is because Bubble cuts your text by words. Not by letters.
So I imagine that the text that is missing is a single word (no spaces between letters).

What you can do to manage this is to create a condition in your element to change it’s text according to the size of the parent element.

When Page Width < 400 then
Text = your_long_text_with_no_space:truncated to 10 …

its the whole text element that goes missing, not 1 word

Yes, because the whole text element have a giant word.

What is the text that is missing? Can you share?

I have used conditions to try to truncate it if its above 25 characters + add “…”, but for some reason doesnt work for all of them? If they are way above 25 characters i think

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This is ODD…

Try to truncate they to 10 characters if they have more then 10.
Just to see what happens

uhm kinda works now? im confused. included condition

My guess is that the Tittle:truncated to 25 + “…” was still bigger then the needed space, what is why I suggested you to try with :truncated to 10. :wink:

ended up with truncated to 20, seems to be good, thank you :smiley:

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