Text Element Bug?

Dear bubblers, is this a bug?
I have a text element with dynamic content (a parent group thing linked to a custom state). In element inspector the text value is correct but nothing appear on the screen. The event occurs only after resetting the custom state (value = empty) and then reinitializing (with a click workflow) the custom state with the last value. Other elements with dynamic content linked to same parent group are ok!

further information, the event occur only after hiding and subsequently showing element

any help is welcome!

Hi, I thought I was the only one!
I’m experiencing something very similar to this, can you by any chance see an error being shown in the console? I’m seeing the error: “Uncaught type error - n is not a function”

I logged a bug in the end but I can get the error to go away if I remove a condition on my element which is supposed to hide it given a specific condition. But yeh, the element appears but no text is pulled through to it.

Hi, in browser console I have no errors, no warnings
@emmanuel maybe you can give us some suggestions

The same issues have been brought up in another thread as well and I recommend submitting a detailed bug report so the team has many examples to see how this is happening. They have acknowledged the bug report but have not reported back anything yet.

That’s useful information, thanks very much

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I am shocked there aren’t more posts about this, as it is a major issue for users of my app.
I just found out this is happening with Popups in my app as well (clicking a Repeating Group item, displaying it’s data in a Popup, and showing the Popup). The dynamic Text shows up correctly in the popup on the first item that gets clicked, but any subsequent items chosen to view in the popup are missing most of Text fields.

The Dynamic Data in an Input element always shows up correctly though, so this seems to be isolated to Text elements.

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Confirmed, latest update has fixed this issue now, thanks Bubble team!

Hope you’re ok now too @gf_wolfer :slight_smile:

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There are improvements, but there is still a bug here. I recreated a test page to show it clearly and have let their support team know, hopefully it can be fully fixed soon.

(Link removed)

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Ah yes, ok I see that now.

Upgrading to the newest app Version does indeed fix this. Apps on the older versions will have this bug still

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