Need Help with Text Issue!

The debugger is showing what the text should say, but the text is not displaying the correct information. How do I fix this? This occurs when I am using my filter to filter my repeating group. I have 4 hidden groups in a repeating group cell. What ever the filter status you select determines which group will be visible. Here is a screenshot.

As you can see, at the bottom in the debugger, the text should be saying “Luke Hutchison”, but it is displaying “Ashley Solomon”.

Hi @garrett.beatty :slight_smile: I have the same issue in my app (and a very similar setup) and filed up a bug report. Bubble is currently looking into it.

@DavidS would it be helpful to have another bug report/example regarding this? (The report I sent is #3710)

Wow. This is scary. This could be a real problem if wrong information is showing up. Like a privacy breach. I hope this doesn’t happen with the private information I have in my app. That could be detrimental.

Thanks for tagging me. We need a little more information, so can you fill the Bug Report here? We’ll take a look and get back shortly.

Have you upgraded your app to the Newest version with the most recent Text element updates?

I had some major bugs with Text elements not showing the text that the Debugger said it should be showing. But they were fixed when I upgraded my app version.

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That worked! Thank you.