Text not showing up -- this.fn is not a function

I’ve noticed that some text elements aren’t appearing in my apps anymore. In the console I see the error: Error - Element Text A - text this.fn is not a function.

I’ve made no changes to my apps but now they’re missing critical functionality that previously worked fine. Anyone else experiencing this?

I’m having the same problem with the Bubble App Connector

Interesting, I don’t think I use the Bubble app connector on these elements, but the data is supplied from an api call to another bubble app, so maybe it’s related?

Are you seeing it on a call to data within your app?

Same problem - just filed a bug report FWIW

Whole Bubble editor not working for me :weary:

Please file a bug report at bubble.is/bug_report

I’ve already filled a bug report

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Any updates on this issue?

We’ve deployed a fix – please let us know if there are further problems!

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@chris3 Getting “this.V.get_bubble_null is not a function” repeatedly starting this afternoon. Is this related, or somehow something that I’ve done?

We’ve rolled out another fix; let us know if that doesn’t address it – thanks!

Seemed to do the trick, thanks

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