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Text overlay image in new flexbox

Dear All,

I’m struggling with placing a text overlay on an image in a repeating group, using the new responsive engine. I can only place it when the group is Fixed - but I want it to be repsonsive.

Any suggestions on achieving this?


Probably the easiest way is to use a group instead of an image element, and set it’s background style to image, then load the image into the group. Then you can place the text inside that group however you like.

Alternatively, make the group that contains the image and the text ‘Align To Parent’ - then you can position them both in group wherever you like (including one on top of the other).


Hi @martin10. You can set the group to a column, place the image at the top of the column and the text underneath the image. Then give the text a Negative Top Margin. Hope this helps!


Nice. Thx.

Also, nice, thx.


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