Text seem to lag since yesterday

I animate texts on page load and until yesterday they were visible while animating. Since yesterday texts are not visible while animating and they become visible after the animation is finished. This makes it seem like the page is really laggy. Did Bubble change anything in the way animations work?

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Reboot your laptop and browser. The Editor can be a resource hog… If they doesn’t work, ensure youb don’t have tons of workflows or searches or JavaScript running.

Barring that, feel free to let us see your editor so we can help.


I’m not talking about the editor, I’m talking about the websites created by Bubble editor. The workflow seems to be changed yesterday and texts become visible after the animation is finished. Before they used to be always visible.

I know, but rubbing the Editor can slow down everything. Try the suggestion, you don’t have much to lose. Otherwise, disable all workflow and JavaScript if you have it. After rebooting your browser. Then you can narrow things down.

@techousie I noticed this happening as well.


I submitted a bug report here: https://bubble.io/bug_report It would be great if you do too, that way we can get them to fix it quicker. Thanks!

Did anyone find a fix? It’s so annoying :frowning:

Open up your editor and I’m sure we will figure out the issue, but you have given us nothing to go on to fix your problem.

At bare minimum, screenshots of everything, but often the Editor is the quickest and best way.

I am also experiencing this issue, did not found a fix yet unfortunately.

Could you submit a bug report here: https://bubble.io/bug_report . Maybe that will get them to fix it sooner.

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I don’t really want to share my editor since it includes sensitive data but I’m confident that this is on Bubble’s side. I’m asking if someone found a workaround…

@josh I know you guys don’t work at weekends but I wanted to tag you in as well hoping this gets fixed sooner.

Then maybe at least give some screen shots, or more details. Animating text is not very specific. But yes, if you don’t want to give up this information, please just wait on bubble as we can’t assist you at all.

Hey guys, yes, we fixed an animation-related bug on Fri and it’s possible the bug fix introduced a new bug. We’re investigating now and will probably end up reverting the Fri change, then re-introducing next week once we’ve figured out why it caused problems. Please do send in bug reports if you haven’t already, since that will help us make sure we don’t inadvertently cause the same issue a second time.


Thanks for the reply. I have already submitted a bug report…

Just a thought: I remember you guys have added app versions to Bubble. Instead of pushing these remote updates that can sometimes “break” our apps, wouldn’t it be possible to release a new app version and let us update manually?

We’re deploying a rollback now – it should be live in ~10 - 20 minutes. Very sorry for the disruption.

@techousie , re your thoughts about versions – that’s a good point. We currently use them sparingly (basically only in situations where we know for a fact a change could break existing user apps), because there are costs to using them (it can make apps a little slower if we use them too often), but I’m going to think more about this, maybe there’s ways we can use them more frequently, because you’re right, that would have been better if you could have self-reverted.

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Ok thank you so much for the update!

I (of course) don’t know how app versions work as much as you guys, but I think doing app versions instead of remote updates can make it easier for us. Of course, you guys should list pros and cons about it and see if it’s better…

Again, thank you.

Okay, rollback is live — mind quickly confirming if that fixed the problem?

Just checked it out and yes, it seems to be back to normal! Thank you especially for working on the weekend :slight_smile:

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