Text showing on page that I can't find on ui builder to remove

https://arabella.mudoneer.com/ this is my website,

and there is an annoying “Test” text on the top left of my website,

I don’t know from where it came and I can’t find it using the website UI builder so I can remove it!

Please help me remove this “Test” text

Are you using any plugins or reusable elements?

check the reusable header to see if its in their

Looks like it is out of the boundary of the header …


try to find it by pressing “tab” key on keyboard multiple times to see if anything gets highlighted that you didn’t know what there.

Check your page’s HTML header. Go to the property editor for the page itself, and at the bottom is an input for the page’s header. You might have it written in there rather than it hanging out in a text element.

I am using a reusable element for the header, I already checked if its there and couldn’t find it

didn’t work,

In the toolbar on the left you have something that says “elements tree” click it and everything there should have an icon that looks like an eyeball. Try locating an item in that list that has the eye ball crossed out. If it is crossed out, click it to undue and the item should appear wherever it is on the page.

It’s in the middle of your HTML meta tags.

As @romanmg said, go look at the properties for the pages in question and at the bottom there is a Page HTML header section.
test meta page

It looks like something is there.

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