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Text Slider/Carousel

Is there a recommended process or example to follow to create a text slider/carousel like either of these two examples:

The Slick Slideshow is good but I don’t want to use images and I want to be able to pull from a DB query.

Any ideas or solutions would be appreciated.

@scott6 - have you tried using a repeating group with an event to “Do every X seconds”? Would that work for you?

That’s a very good idea which I really hadn’t thought of. I like it and will give it a shot.

Except that there’s no animation, right? If you’re using a fixed number of cells RG and using Next/Prev to display different “pages”, you’re limited to immediate shifts… aren’t you?

you can program it with the slider

try it … its easy

@keith - yes, that’s correct. If you needed some different behavior, you could try using “Scroll to entry” but I don’t believe that works with fixed number of cells in RG so you’d need to setup your RG Layout style differently. You may even need nesting RG’s to achieve the results you’re looking for.

How to text slide…?
plz tell me

Thank you for sending me in the right direction.

@keith Fiddle around with the Animate RepeatingGroup text, placed it after the Display list step, and it seems to be fading in nicely.

Viewable Editor: B2b-text-slider | Bubble Editor



Could someone help me because I can’t find “Do every X seconds” in Workflow? I want the simplest way to make a slideshow for Text only.