Text Wrapping Option Not Present

This may be basic, but I’m new here!

How can I get text wrapping applied to a Text element? The tutorials show a text-wrap button, but my element properties don’t show an option for this (maybe the tutorials are out of date)?

Check the date of tutorial. UI has changed a lot and this may be the reason.

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yes, so how can i do it?

by wrap do you mean wrap to the next line, or do you mean wrap around another element such as an image?

If for wrap to next line, that is automatically done dependent on the width of the text element. Make sure to leave ‘fit width to content’ unchecked on the text element (not 100% sure the option exists on text element). But as the page width decreases the text element width will decrease and it will force it to expand it’s height to allow the content to be visible.

So another important part is on the text element to leave the max width setting empty and make sure you do not set the height to be fixed height.

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