Text element wrapping, "cut off content", and ""

I’m trying to wrap text in a text element within a repeating group. My text elements have content pulled dynamically from the database. I’d like each text element to resize vertically to the size of the text when wrapped. The element width will be a percentage of the row width.

These elements are display only, so an input field doesn’t seem like the right choice.

This video mentions two properties of the text element “cut off content” and “shrink the element height if the text gets shorter”, but I’m not seeing those properties for my text element.

Any help would be appreciated!

That is an out of date video, the new responsive engine has removed those checkboxes and gave us better control over text elements.

In the ‘layout’ tab of the property editor, check the Fit height to content’ checkbox, and make sure that the min height and max height of the element are either within acceptable values, or set to 0&inf.

The settings of the repeating group will also affect how the texts are placed on the page.

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Thank you! The fix height to content option was hidden because the container cell element had Row layout.

Thanks again.

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