Thank you Bubble! My app is Alive!

I am so happy today! After 2 long years and being a complete novice, Bubble made it possible to create an app and finally have it in the app store (with google store hopefully tomorrow). Huge shout out to the @ZeroqodeTeam for doing the final conversion through their AirNative service (highly recommended!). Most of all a huge shout out to Matthew @boston85719 for firstly putting up with my incompetence over the 6 week Bubble course and also for his amazing advice on how to streamline my app through his Nocodetraining service. I am sure I still have plenty to improve on my app and UX design I am sure is nowhere near professional, but baby steps are required.

I know there are many of you that build aps for a living but I just had to get this out there for those novices like me that are doing this for their first time…Don’t give up! It is possible and Bubble is the starting platform to make it happen.

Over the moon right now.

Not sure if anyone collects Hot Wheels or has friends/family that do but feel free to have a look at my app DiecastDB on the app store I would love some feedback on usability and design as I am always looking to improve.


Congratulations :tada: Hot wheels…now that brings back happy memories :gift: Well done on your achievement!

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