The Bubble service in Integromat stop working

I just discovered that the Bubble app in Integromat doesn’t create items anymore. The strange thing is the ‘Create/Update a data thing’ module does not return an error message.

I checked it in two Bubble applications, and both have the same problem.

Does someone else experience the same problem?

Is it possible related to this topic?

@arpit.choudhury are you aware of this issue?

I also posted this in the Integromat FB community

Ah i finally found an error.

Hey Mike, we just checked and it’s working fine at our end. If the issue persists, please open a ticket here:


On my side, the problem still exists.

I assume you tested it on a standard Bubble domain

So I tested it my self, and there was no problem.

I think te problem lies in the fact that the two projects where I experience problems are on a custom domain.

I will submit a ticket.

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Yes its Bubble side. My own API calls doesnt works (Bubble actions calling Bubble API)

I sent a bug report to be sure if isnt the same problem. (#7780)

check this out.
might be related 301 Error - Endpoint not redirected from x.

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I’m pretty sure it is related.

This was the solution to the Zapier problem. It may help with this issue as well.

Unfortunately is it is not possible to change the domain like you can do this in the Zapier setup.

I think Bubble has to fix this.

It works if I enable: this endpoint can be run without authentication.

update: incorrect values. Waiting for Bubble to fix. @eve ?

Running without authentication does not seem to be a solution for me. Bubble isn’t receiving any fields that I sent throught an HTTP post from Integromat

How to tag @ Bubble to call the team ? there is no “@Bubble” user anymore

Okay so I was able to resolve the issue doing an https post by sending those to the custom domain instead of the domain.
However using the bubble integration in integromat still does not seem to work. I’ll probably just switch those integrations over to using https posts rather than waiting for a fix.

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Thanks @lawrenceb

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You can tag me, @eve, in a forum post, but ideally please do email us at [email protected]! We are currently investigating this issue and should have updates soon.

@mike_verbruggen @nicolas_dap @JohnMark Our team pushed a fix here, please test and let us know if everything is working as intended or if you’re still seeing issues.

@eve Wonderfull everything is working again.

I also want to thank @arpit.choudhury and his team. For there quick reaction.

They added an option to there Bubble service to fill in a custom domain.

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Thanks Mike for bringing up the issue and allowing us to fix it; glad it’s working now. Cheers!

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