The circle loading indicator for all purposes

Loader +

A (Material Design like) spinning circle loading indicator that you can customize as you like adding a logo an image or another animated loader.

The default one
Add the Loader+ inside a Group, choose the color and that’s it. A modern loading indicator.
2022-11-22 19.26.03

The size you like
Bigger as you want or very tiny, doesn’t care. Until 16px you can choose the size you like.
2022-11-22 19.27.39

Always the same!?
Are you bored to see always the same loading indicator!? Don’t worry, you can add fixed or animated image that you prefer and you can make to spinning it.
2022-11-22 19.29.02

A saving button
You can make something like below.
2022-11-22 19.31.36

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